Gateway 21 and the Occult Imperium
Posted on December 29th, 2021

Guest: Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman begins Gateway 21 and the Occult Imperium with an explication of the Reign of Dead Matter and its supposed inevitability shepherded by spirits of agents on earth working for the coming of robotics; predictive programming; the Era of Must Be; the invisible empire; symbol manipulation; ritual murders; time is influenced by space; the Black Jack progression from 2001 to 2021; the psychological effect of a sub rosa reality; Cryptocracy as the shadow side of the government; Masonic symbolism in the Kennedy assassination; sorcery; taking unnatural means to acquire power on earth; magnetism and the waking group mind; an eerie indifference; pattern detection; nigredo; the Truth or Consequences factor is no longer in play because now the truth can be told and there are no consequences.

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