Posted on December 29th, 2021

Guest: Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman begins Gateway 21 and the Occult Imperium with an explication of the Reign of Dead Matter and its supposed inevitability shepherded by spirits of agents on earth working for the coming of robotics; predictive programming; the Era of Must Be; the invisible empire; symbol manipulation; ritual murders; time is influenced by space; the Black Jack progression from 2001 to 2021; the psychological effect of a sub rosa reality; Cryptocracy as the shadow side of the government; Masonic symbolism in the Kennedy assassination; sorcery; taking unnatural means to acquire power on earth; magnetism and the waking group mind; an eerie indifference; pattern detection; nigredo; the Truth or Consequences factor is no longer in play because now the truth can be told and there are no consequences.

Posted on December 29th, 2021

Guest: Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman begins the discussion of his new book, Twilight Language, with an overview of Freemasonry beginning in the late 15th century Church of Rome, and delineates the role of the Jesuits; the master builders competition with the natural world; Cryptocracy, or rule by secrets keeping; the alchemical processing of humanity; the revelation of the method, or making manifest what is hidden; the meaning of twilight language; synchronicity; the coming transition from virtual reality to the metaverse; analysis of these mostly unknown concepts within their historical context looking at the occult imperium over the ages.

Posted on December 3rd, 2021

Guest: Alison McDowell

Blockchain is foundational to tracking assets from the material world into the digital world and necessary to make the metaverse happen; WEF’s planned Internet of Bodies; blockchain – liberation or incarceration; oversight and compliance; digital currencies programmable and controllable; blockchain less about money and more about identity management; national security and public health to enforce a blockchain identity; pandemic used to bring digital identity online; all of your data poured into a digital twin; a digital identifier linked to how you are able to move in the world; programs piloted through global aid systems; global finance defense sector coercion through technology; electronic government on blockchain; UN sustainable development goals on a planetary computing system; executive function research in children to focus on cognitive neuroscience to shape their minds to fit into a world of data analytics; children put on blockchain to earn digital capital; children tracked as commodities; attempt to digitally twin the world; cracking the code of life.

Posted on November 29th, 2021

Guest: Dr. Michael Rectenwald

Post-totalitarianism; academic freedom v self-censorship and the elimination of free speech; post-modernist theory and social justice; traditional social justice v its current incarnation; characteristics of Stalinism and Maoism; revocation of the rights of speech and association; elimination of property rights; intersectionality or vectors of oppression in the social justice ranking system; challenge to individual rights; subjective truth backed by power; nihilism regarding objectivity; Repressive Tolerance essay by Marcuse; classical liberalism v left totalitarianism; capitalists supporting socialism because they’re monopolists; socialism on the ground and corporate oligarchy at the top; the left an unwitting foot soldier of the corporate globalists; ownership of goods and people; dissidents; the aims of life; living within the truth.

Posted on October 24th, 2021

Guest: Andrei Martyanov

The Transcaucasia region, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea is discussed; Baku, capitol of Azerbaijan, oil region and birthplace of Andrei Martyanov; Nagorno-Karabakh, semi-autonomous region within Azerbaijan; political and ethnic dynamics of the Azeri/Armenian conflict; two wars between Armenia and Azerbaijan; Armenia’s Velvet Revolution; Soros sponsored NGOs in Armenia; Turkey’s involvement; Dashnaks; Armenian diaspora; second largest US embassy in Yerevan; Caucasus strategic geopolitical location spanning Europe and Asia; US recognition of WWI Armenian genocide; Russian Federation involvement; largest US export is dollar inflation; Russophobia; MAKS 2021 Russian Air Show, international exhibition of new civilian and military aircraft. Visit Martyanov's website at: