2 days ago
RT @AI_Solzhenitsyn: “How many of those renunciations there were at that time! Some of them made in public, some of them in the press: ‘I,…
6 days ago
RT @AI_Solzhenitsyn: “Through art we are sometimes visited – dimly, briefly – by revelations such as cannot be produced by rational thinkin…
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RT @Truth_S_eeker: George Orwell's final warning. He knew what was coming.…
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RT @Lukewearechange: Banning protective gear that can save your life, yeah that’s government for you.…
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RT @unhealthytruth: Do any of you understand what this means? The ramifications? This is horrifying.…

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Latest Broadcast

The Rainbow Warrior:  Early Campaigns
Guest: John Parulis 
Artist, activist and filmmaker, John Parulis, recounts his early mystical attachment to the land; his immersion in the eastern mysticism movement in a San Francisco ashram; his recruitment into Greenspeace’s Rainbow Warrior trawler missions as a videographer; the mission to interfere with Japanese factory boat operations in the Bering Sea; a dangerous mission to Lorino in Soviet Siberia to expose an illegal Soviet whaling operation in order to save endangered whales; the mission to the South Pacific Rongelap Atoll in the Marshall Islands to rescue indigenous people off of their island that had been irradiated by a huge nuclear test on Bikini Atoll; the mission to Moruroa Atoll to help indigenous people fight French underwater nuclear testing; Greenpeace infiltrated by French intelligence; the blowing up of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbor.

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Prior Broadcasts

Financial System In Transition
Guest: Ellen Brown 
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